Friday, July 5, 2013

Comedian Ebony Knight & ATL Artists BLAST OFF at Apache Cafe!

Actors, rappers, vocalists, models, and designers were amongst the artists/entertainers who filled Apache Cafe this past Saturday to showcase their talents at Blast Off 10. Known as one of Atlanta's hottest venues, Apache Cafe really began to heat up as the anxiously-waiting audience filled the room with anticipation and the backstage area filled with the passion of young artists with serious hustle (like Money Team Magazine). I had the pleasure of meeting up-and-coming designer, C.Denim, hailing from the City of Brotherly Love~bringing some of that Philly-Fresh flavor to Hotlanta! After speaking with his business manager, Jessica, for just a few minutes, I became certain that it's only a matter of time until we start hearing a lot more about this fierce group of entrepreneurs...

Speaking of flavor...this show was full of variety! I've gotta give a special shout-out to +stepBoi CMC theSouthSideSickest for reppin' the Southside well! Despite the Facebook page which purports that "Eminem will always be the only good white rapper" (and has approximately 45,000 likes), StepBoi is one white rapper who will make you say "Eminem who?!" In two words: authentic and raw! I've been bumpin' his CD in my Yukon all week! #gettin2old4disshit

True activists to our core, fellow +Peachtree NORML associate and I, Vincent Cheeks (a.k.a. Ghetto Messiah), tagged-teamed to raise awareness and get signatures for our petition.Vince was SUPER busy that night~coordinating, emceeing the show with the lovely Alia Love, and oozing southern charm the entire time! Great job, Vince!

There were too many great artists to name them all, but I can't neglect to mention Ebony Rose and the Black Rose Band...this band tore the roof off! They not only rocked the mic~they rocked the HOUSE with an eclectic sound the world is waiting for! They took us to c-h-u-r-c-h (in the most nonreligious way possible)!
Lol! Real talk~this incredible sound was so mesmerizing that I couldn't leave until they were off the stage.They truly took the entire show to a different dimension. Keep up the great work!

Many thanks to Kim Gee of  Vintage Entertainment Group and +Derek Peacock for their hard work and dedication that made this show a huge success!

Photo credits: HisImagery



  1. Wow......great article! I'm impressed with your writing skills! You were awesome also!

  2. Thanks! Don't sleep on these writing skills...let me know when you need a publicist ;)